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    Date and mandarin bircher muesli

    Date and mandarin bircher muesli | Wandering Spice

    It’s a rare occasion when the Maltese family get together and someone doesn’t bring something from their garden. And so, fitting with tradition, Jase’s auntie Rose brought bags of her homegrown mandarins and lemons to our lunch the other day. The mandarins are some of the most beautiful I’ve seen, with skin so intensely fragrant and fresh, they practically drip oil when peeled.

    Somehow, I ended up with the whole bag to myself. Their sweet-tart juice and zest felt like a great way to complement one of our favourite breakfasts and certainly one of my biggest pregnancy cravings: bircher muesli. Matched with soft, chopped dates and apricots, plus a dash of cinnamon, toasted almonds and pistachios, this staple (which I first blogged here in 2011!) got itself a Mediterranean makeover. Continue Reading

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    Quick Banana and Raspberry Cake

    Meanwhile in Melbourne, it’s winter. Though we see plenty of sun during these months, having Antartica as your closest southern neighbour begs for days spent in the warmth of a café, or better yet,…