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    Vegetable ‘stoup’ with basil & parmesan: lunch with Heidi & Ben

    Vegetable stoup with basil and parmesan | Wandering Spice

    Cooking for the ones we love: is there any better reason to step into the kitchen?

    We hit it off with Heidi and Ben pretty much instantly when we met a few years ago, and have been close friends since. They’ve also been some of our biggest cheerleaders, supporting us through everything from new jobs to creative ruts, buying businesses and trying to start a family. Most importantly though, it’s easy with them, and always fun. Sometimes you just meet your people, you know?

    It had been a few weeks since we’d seen them and their gorgeous daughter, Joan (a total show stopper), and as they’d just moved into a cozy new place, taking over a pot of housewarming soup seemed like the thing to do. Heidi also threatened to bust out her dad’s homemade sourdough, so I may or may not have planned this recipe entirely around that. (I did). Continue Reading

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    Main Dishes Vegetarian + Vegan

    Eggplant & Cauliflower Maqloubeh

    My ‘Muslim upbringing’ was similar to that of many of my Christian friends; a sort of Religion Lite in which we celebrated holidays (both Eids and Christmas) with family, lots of food, and corresponding seasonal ornaments.…

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    A week of groceries

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