Desserts + Sweets

    Whole wheat pear, olive oil and berry cake


    When I started Wandering Spice in 2011, I’d just moved to Australia. I was 25, fresh out of grad school in Europe and was starting a new life on the other side of the world, again. Six years later, here I am: married with a beautiful eight month old daughter. I’m still cooking daily, and still writing. As with any passage of time, however, my creative needs are different. My cooking needs are different. Most everything is.

    I’ve grown. To do that, I needed to step away from this public space to take the next leap on my own. Most recently, that leap was the transition from womanhood to motherhood; from someone who nurtured herself, to someone who made, sustained and now nurtures someone else. It has been a deeply, philosophically thrilling undertaking for which I feel very fortunate. We all feel like we’re finally coming up for air.

    The leaps never stop, though. The year ahead holds enormous changes for my family yet again; changes that will require willpower, patience and total trust in our decisions. (This is not a clandestine pregnancy announcement, by the way!) To make sense of it all, I will naturally resort to my most reliable, lifelong therapist: my kitchen. And, with that, the words will come. I can feel them again, peppery at my fingertips, ready to be recorded and shared.

    Funny how we grow to know ourselves so well. Continue Reading

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    Date and mandarin bircher muesli

    It’s a rare occasion when the Maltese family get together and someone doesn’t bring something from their garden. And so, fitting with tradition, Jase’s auntie Rose brought bags of her homegrown mandarins and lemons to our…