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    Hello, baby! A first trimester recap

    Baby's first toy | Wandering Spice

    First: a big THANK YOU to everyone for the congratulations, excitement, encouragement and kind words since we shared the happy news that we’re expecting a rainbow baby girl in November. We’re thrilled, and a little bewildered, but in the best possible way.

    If you’re looking for a nice long read, this is the place to be! With so much to think about in early pregnancy, and a desire to record as much as possible to look back on, I’ve written a tome on my experience in the first trimester. I have learned SO much from reading others’ experiences in pregnancy, so I hope this helps anyone who is wanting to become or is pregnant, who has been pregnant and feels like a trip down memory lane, or anyone who finds this stuff entertaining. Thanks for being here. Continue Reading

  • Our Miscarriage Journey | Wandering Spice

    Heart shaped box: our story of loss and growth

    How do you write about something indescribable? Despite being consumed by it for weeks, my reactions changed daily, making it impossible to feel I was communicating it accurately, and in a lasting way. I…

  • Vegetarian eggplant and cauliflower maqloubeh | Wandering Spice
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    Eggplant & Cauliflower Maqloubeh

    My ‘Muslim upbringing’ was similar to that of many of my Christian friends; a sort of Religion Lite in which we celebrated holidays (both Eids and Christmas) with family, lots of food, and corresponding seasonal ornaments.…

  • On the way home, a visit to Koh Rang Yai, a small uninhabited island 5km from Phuket. There was a little bar, some chairs and that's about it.
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    Seven days in Phuket

    Phuket means something different to everyone. For some, it’s a tourist haven. For others, it’s all about the beaches. Or, the food. Or, the questionable sex shows. The ladyboys. The alluring islands. The food. The…