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Amsterdam Street Cafe, Richmond

The Australian Man and I fell in love in Amsterdam (city). After hearing really positive buzz about Amsterdam Street (cafe), and noticing it was a 15-min walk from home, we thought it best to indulge the nostalgia and head down for brunch.
The cafe is located on its namesake street in Richmond, just off Church in a small alley populated mostly by mechanics and a service station. No matter how small, how they’ve managed to make a bright red building unassuming… not sure how, but I dig it. Anyway, we walked in and grabbed a table at the back, overlooking the bright and cozy space.
Egg lover that I am, I ordered the potato rosti with poached eggs, bacon, rocket and roasted tomatoes. The eggs yolks were gloriously silky and mild, which balanced the salty bacon and juicy tomato. The rosti was nice and crisp (maybe a little oily but that’s only if we’re being super picky) and the peppery rocket gave just enough bite to make an otherwise heavy dish surprisingly fresh.
The Australian Man ordered the breakfast burrito: a pressed tortilla stuffed with scrambled organic eggs, mushrooms, rocket and finished with a chili jam. I’ll take his relative silence during our meal as a sign that he enjoyed it. He later confirmed this, and that the burrito was just the right size (have you noticed portion sizes are getting even bigger lately?)
These dishes and two yummy lattes later, we were ready to go. I was a bit surprised at some recent less-than-stellar reviews about Amsterdam Street’s service on Urbanspoon. Our experience with the staff was great – they were attentive but not overbearing, and seemed happy to be there. Our food was tasty and, despite being busy, we didn’t have to wait ages to get it. The atmosphere was friendly and I loved the space. Can’t imagine what more I’d want from a relaxed Sunday brunch, in a place with a name that reminds us where our story began…
Amsterdam Street
1 Amsterdam Street
Richmond, 3121
(03) 9421 0690

Amsterdam Street on Urbanspoon

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  • Reply Ashley 27/06/2011 at 2:48 am

    I remember hearing about this place a while ago but never got around to visiting…(as always). I’m all about my eggs too, the potato roesti looks so amazing!

  • Reply Foodness Gracious 22/06/2011 at 4:17 pm

    Those eggs look amazing, so perfect. Your right about portion sizes and recently my wife (American Woman) had a breafast burrito from our regular Mexican place,it was so large I couldn’t stop laughing. Upon closer inspection it was mostly filled with refried beans which was kinda dissapointing for her and why it weighed more than a small hippo…
    Take care.

  • Reply Blithely Unaware 22/06/2011 at 1:44 pm

    Yum, yum, yum that breakfast burrito looks THE BOMB!!!

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