yasmeen_WSHi, I’m Yasmeen. I’m an Arab-American writer, mother, wanderer and cook based in Melbourne, Australia.

I learned to cook while perched on a dining chair next to my mother. My very important jobs included mixing cake batter and toasting pine nuts. I still do those things.

Wandering Spice is a recipe and story journal, bringing together food from my Arab roots with inspiration from my travels, motherhood and the trials of daily life. My philosophy is that the best cooking is simple and aromatic, and that no matter what, there’s always room for Seedo’s knafeh.

Outside of the kitchen, I am trained in behavioral science and have a decade-long career in managing arts and cultural projects, mentoring and trying to make the world a better place. Worlds collide when I cook and write; my interest in our societal relationship with food provides perennial motivation to maintain healthy associations with nourishment, and help others do the same. Much of the content on this blog is me using cooking as a vehicle to process feelings and events.

All recipes published on Wandering Spice are made by me and photographed on our hefty wooden dining table, with minimal styling and editing. Everything is devoured, little to nothing is wasted.

You can search by ingredient or recipe type in the Recipe Index, and connect with me on Instagram and Pinterest. If you would like to use a recipe, story or photograph from this site, please contact me first.