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Cooking/Feeling – August 2017

Here’s something different – something I’ll share with the turn of each season, or maybe monthly. So much of what’s on this blog is me cooking as a way to process and record feelings and life events. Now that our daughter is here, it’s…

Desserts + Sweets

Whole wheat pear, olive oil and berry cake

When I started Wandering Spice in 2011, I’d just moved to Australia. I was 25, fresh out of grad school in Europe and was starting a new life on the other side of the world, again. Six years later, here I am: married with…

Main Dishes Vegetarian + Vegan

Eggplant in garlic yogurt (vegetarian)

Perhaps it’s part of the pre-baby nesting, but ever since becoming pregnant, I’ve had an insatiable appetite for family stories. I’ve revisited the recordings that my maternal grandmother Jean sent from Tehran to her parents in Hawaii in the early ’60s. I’ve inhaled the archived articles…

Main Dishes Vegetarian + Vegan

Date and mandarin bircher muesli

It’s a rare occasion when the Maltese family get together and someone doesn’t bring something from their garden. And so, fitting with tradition, Jase’s auntie Rose brought bags of her homegrown mandarins and lemons to our lunch the other day. The mandarins are some of the most…