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Desserts + Sweets

Desserts + Sweets

Whole wheat pear, olive oil and berry cake

When I started Wandering Spice in 2011, I’d just moved to Australia. I was 25, fresh out of grad school in Europe and was starting a new life on the other side of the world, again. Six years later, here I am: married with…

Basics + How-To's Desserts + Sweets

Simple and decadent chocolate truffles

If you have dark chocolate, cream, vanilla and butter in your pantry right now, you’re living well. And, you can make these truffles which, rather dangerously, only require these four simple ingredients. Midway through the ‘fun times’ of the first trimester (that is, of course, a joke) our…

Desserts + Sweets Snacks

Quick Banana and Raspberry Cake

Meanwhile in Melbourne, it’s winter. Though we see plenty of sun during these months, having Antartica as your closest southern neighbour begs for days spent in the warmth of a café, or better yet, in the warmth of one’s own kitchen with the oven…

Desserts + Sweets Snacks

Persian Carrot and Pistachio Cake with Rose Cream

A show of hands: how many of you have shelves stacked with cookbooks that you rarely use? They’re fiercely dog-eared. Corresponding memos litter your phone while notes scribbled in the margins detail dinner parties still waiting to happen. Well, you’re not alone. Sometime last year, I made a pact…