In the Pantry

We eat a bit of everything in the WS kitchen: veggies and fruit, meat and fish, full-fat dairy, beans, legumes, grains and pasta, a few treats and lots of spices.

This is a peek into our pantry: dry goods that we keep handy for whipping up meals, fast.  Nobody’s perfect. We can’t eat organic all the time, and we don’t demonise food groups. It’s about what feels good and aiming for balance.

Try your local market or ethnic grocer for the best deals on some of these products, especially the nuts and spices. You may even make a friend or two while you’re there.

Spices & aromats

Baharat (Arabic 7 spice), basil, black peppercorns, cardamom pods, chili flakes, cinnamon, cloves, coriander, cumin seeds, curry powder, dried dill, dried mint, garlic powder, ginger, herbes de Provence, mastic, whole nutmeg, onion powder, oregano, sweet and smoked paprika, thyme, turmeric, saffron threads, sea salt, star anise, sumac, vanilla bean paste, za’atar + fresh herbs from the balcony

Nuts, seeds & dried fruit

Almonds (whole, slivered, flaked), dried apricots, Brazil nuts, cashews, chia seeds, dried figs, linseeds, Medjool dates, nigella seeds, pine nuts, pistachios, poppy seeds, prunes, sesame seeds, walnuts

Stocks, oils & sauces

Extra virgin olive oil, light olive oil, chili oil, fish sauce, hot sauces, kecap manis, oyster sauce, orange blossom water (mazaher), pomegranate molasses, rose water (maward), sesame oil, soy sauce or tamari, quality chicken and vegetable stocks, tahini, vinegars (apple cider, balsamic, rice, white)


Bulghur, cous cous, freekeh, oats, pasta, quinoa, rice (Arborio, basmati, jasmine, medium & long grain white and brown rice)

Dried beans & legumes

Lentils (brown, red, yellow), split chick peas, split green peas

Canned goodies*

Black beans, chick peas, coconut milk and cream, curry paste (red and green), foul medammas (Arabic-style fava beans), oil-packed fish like tuna, salmon, sardines and anchovies, tomatoes and tomato paste

*Wherever possible, organic and/or BPA-free

Baking basics

Baking soda (bicarb), baking powder, flours (white, whole wheat, rice, corn),  raw sugar, coconut sugar

Other bits & bobs

Dark chocolate, free range eggs, honey, maple syrup, real peanut and mixed nut butter, raw cacao and regular cocoa powder, semolina, miso paste and because this is Australia… Vegemite.