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Whole wheat pear, olive oil and berry cake

When I started Wandering Spice in 2011, I’d just moved to Australia. I was 25, fresh out of grad school in Europe and was starting a new life on the other side of the world, again. Six years later, here I am: married with…

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Quick Banana and Raspberry Cake

Meanwhile in Melbourne, it’s winter. Though we see plenty of sun during these months, having Antartica as your closest southern neighbour begs for days spent in the warmth of a café, or better yet, in the warmth of one’s own kitchen with the oven…

semolina and phyllo custard pie
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Syrupy Phyllo and Semolina Custard Pie

I present to you my Achilles’ heel; the one dessert in which ‘no’ is never an option. My Seedo calls it namoura, which I always knew to be this dessert instead (which is also called basbousa, depending on the region). In any case, it’s yet another…

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Francois’ Tomato and Dijon Tart

We became fast friends after meeting Stephanie and Francois last year. Stephanie is American like me, and met Francois while hopping around Europe, eventually landing on his couch in Paris (he was her serendipitous couch surfing match. Someone call Hollywood, there’s a movie in…