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Eggplant in garlic yogurt (vegetarian)

Perhaps it’s part of the pre-baby nesting, but ever since becoming pregnant, I’ve had an insatiable appetite for family stories. I’ve revisited the recordings that my maternal grandmother Jean sent from Tehran to her parents in Hawaii in the early ’60s. I’ve inhaled the archived articles…

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Quick Banana and Raspberry Cake

Meanwhile in Melbourne, it’s winter. Though we see plenty of sun during these months, having Antartica as your closest southern neighbour begs for days spent in the warmth of a café, or better yet, in the warmth of one’s own kitchen with the oven…

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Recipes inspired by Mom: A birthday tribute

Put simply: I really adore my mom, Kathy. She has inspired so many of the recipes on this blog, and despite the distance between us, continues teaching me more about cooking each day. February 4 was her birthday, so let me tell you a little…