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Date and mandarin bircher muesli

It’s a rare occasion when the Maltese family get together and someone doesn’t bring something from their garden. And so, fitting with tradition, Jase’s auntie Rose brought bags of her homegrown mandarins and lemons to our lunch the other day. The mandarins are some of the most…

Main Dishes Vegetarian + Vegan

Eggplant & Cauliflower Maqloubeh

My ‘Muslim upbringing’ was similar to that of many of my Christian friends; a sort of Religion Lite in which we celebrated holidays (both Eids and Christmas) with family, lots of food, and corresponding seasonal ornaments. It was always about fun and rarely, if ever, about…

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Turkish Mocha Lamington Fingers

Australia Day has just come and gone, and for some, the holiday is as contentious as Columbus Day can be in the US. I’ve been inspired by the conversations I’ve heard about what Australia Day means to different people – some good, some leaving…